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Welcome to my German to English technical translation service. I offer accurate, natural sounding English translations of German documents at the very competitive rate of £0.08 / €0.09 per delivered word.

This rate applies for texts of a reasonably general nature and for technical documents dealing with topics from the following subject areas:

These are subject areas in which I have worked and studied extensively in both the U.K. and Germany and with which I am therefore very familiar.

Please note: I will not attempt to translate texts on topics with which I am not fully acquainted, such as law, finance, or marketing, since it is not possible for a translator to produce an accurate translation of a document whose content he or she does not completely understand.

Check out the About Me page for more information on my suitability for technical translation work. Then see the Prices page for details on prices and conditions, refer to the Ordering page to find out how to order your translation, and contact me for further information. I look forward to hearing from you soon!